Welcome to Chicago


Swinging Jazz and the myth of the gangster boss Al Capone

The clang of my steps was muffled by the noisy cars in the road tunnel. Pedestrians rarely get lost in this underworld. Just a few meters away from me appears, in the streetlight, a man with a black coat and a hat. The fume of his cigar is dispersed throughout the underground – the smoke gets lost in the openness. Despite the muggy warm air, I get cold. Where is the exit of the road tunnel system, of which I got on a half an hour ago?

 Back to the Underground

The man with the black coat in the underground turns to me. His hat hiding most of his face. I can’t see his eyes; Out of his mouth forms small clouds of smoke. “May I help you, Ma’am?”
He asked while smiling. He shows me the way out of the road tunnel system. I no longer acknowledged this man as a criminal Mafioso. As we get back to East Wacker Drive, I recognize a small scar in his face. “Do you like pizza?” he asked me with a grin. With a charming smile, he invites me into the Italian restaurant.





Swinging Jazz und der Mythos von Gangsterboss Al Capone
Claudia Schreiter in  ZWP 7+8 / 2008
mit freundlicher Genehmigung zur Übersetzung für die Repräsentation im Internet